Scented Trio Gift Set
Scented Trio Gift Set
Scented Trio Gift Set

Scented Trio Gift Set

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The Scented Trio Gift Set is the perfect gift for a mom-to-be!

It features three jars of Organic Sleepy Body Lotion, handmade with Lavender, Bergamot, and Eucalyptus essential oils

Set Includes:

  • 1x Organic Sleepy Body Lotion - Lavender
  • 1x Organic Sleepy Body Lotion - Bergamot
  • 1x Organic Sleepy Body Lotion - Eucalyptus

Lavender: The most used essential oil for sleep and relaxation! Lavender calms the nervous system by lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature, helping your body naturally transition to sleep. It also reduces anxious thoughts and helps relax tense muscles.

Bergamot: Unlike most citrus oils which are stimulating, Bergamot is calming.. Studies have shown Bergamot helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and fatigue. It also contains compounds (linalool and carvacrol) which reduces pain and inflammation. Note: Bergamot is photosensitive and makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, so avoid applying this lotion before heading out to sunny areas over long periods of time.

Eucalyptus: A green and minty scented essential oil that literally feels like a breath of fresh air! Eucalyptus is known to be an effective pain reliever. As a side benefit, it also helps to clear congested airways - perfect for moms with a blocked nose!


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Sharon C.
United States United States
Good results

Old person with arthritis! It has helped immensely and I can use it during the day without smelling like a medicine cabinet!

Pamela O.
United States United States
Scented trio gift set

We just loved it !! My husband is using it too it works so well !

United States United States

So, I bought this cream in effort to help me sleep. My children are teenagers and I’ve found that it helps on multiple different levels. I’ve used it on their legs at night for growing pains and myself nightly before bed. But, most recently, I used the lavender cream on a really bad sunburn!! Magical!! I was hurting so bad I could not lay down and sleep at night. I tried this on the 2nd night and by the next morning that stinging, burning feeling from my sunburn was fine! I went ahead and ordered the trio!! Can’t wait to try the other scents.

Barbara C.
United States United States
Great for pregnancy leg cramps

I used these creams for a week. Rubbed them on my shins, calves, top of my feet, arch, and toes. My leg/foot cramps went away those nights OR I was able to stretch a bit using my other foot if I had a cramp. Relieve without getting out of bed at night! I forgot to put on the cream two nights in a row, the cramps came back with a vengeance. No relief, had to get out bed to walk around to relief the pain. Both nights that I forgot to use it, I had leg cramps. I started applying it again and the cramps went away. I don’t care about the scents on the cream, which is why I only use it on my legs. My shoulders hurt from sleeping on my side, but I’ll deal with that separately. I also wash my hands after applying it because it seems a bit too oily on my hands even after I try to rub it off on my hips. I 100% recommend this cream to anyone suffering from leg cramps! It’s amazing!

Pam R.
United States United States
Amazingly Wonderful!

I bought this for myself. My daughter is 3 months pregnant and she said her legs hurt her. I told her and showed her the lotion so, I told her she could have it. She told me it’s was amazing not only did it help her legs it help the tightness in her neck. Going to order the 3 jars for pregnant moms for her now. Thank you so much for this amazing lotion.