3 Things Every Pregnant Mom Should Know Before Taking Unisom

1. Drugs like Unisom don’t actually give you quality sleep

While drugs like Unisom/ Benadryl help you fall asleep faster, you may not be getting quality sleep!

These drugs block certain chemicals in your brain (acetylcholine), which causes drowsiness and knocks you out. But while you’re unconscious, the lack of acetylcholine makes it difficult for your body to get quality, deep sleep.

So even though you’ve spent eight hours in bed, you wake up feeling groggy and not well-rested.

2. You quickly develop a tolerance to Unisom

Drugs like Unisom and Benadryl quickly stop working (usually within 2 weeks) as your body gets used to it. This means if you continue to take these drugs every night, you will eventually need more and more of it to sleep.

This was proven with a study done by Dr. Gary S. Richardson (Senior Research Scientist in Henry Ford Hospital’s Sleep Disorders and Research Center). He found that Benadryl no longer induced sleepiness after just 4 days of use!

Instructions on the Unisom package itself also state not to use the drug for more than 14 days unless recommended by a doctor.

3. Unknown potential long-term side effects

Due to lack of research, we're still not sure about the long term side effects from taking drugs like Benadryl and Unisom.

However, numerous recent studies have suggested that long term use of anticholinergic drugs (which include Benadryl and Unisom) could lead to mild cognitive impairment and increased risks of dementia. Albeit the studies were done on older people, this is concerning!  

The "Sleepy" Lotion That Changed My Life...

My name’s Emma, and I was in your position 4 years ago.. carrying my first baby and suffering from a severe lack of sleep.

Back then, my doctor actually approved Unisom SleepTabs, and I took the drug for a few days. But I didn’t like how they made me feel hungover and “dopey”..

After doing further research, I decided to stop using the drug and come up with a natural sleeping aid instead.

Through months and months of trying different combinations of natural sleeping aids (most weren’t very effective..), I ended up with a “sleepy” body lotion that actually worked!

Most nights, I would apply the lotion after a warm evening shower, fall asleep within minutes of my head touching the pillow, and sleep for 6-8 hours straight!

The best part was waking up the next morning feeling completely refreshed - not feeling groggy or hungover!

Eventually, word got around and people started requesting for jars of this body lotion.

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