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The #1 Lotion for Pregnancy Pains and InsomniaOrganic Sleepy Lotion

522 Reviews

  • Prevents restless legs and leg cramps
  • Eases lower back and hip pains
  • Promotes deeper, more restful sleep
  • Made from 100% organic ingredients
  • Trusted by 41,000+ moms in the US
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60-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Krystal M.

"This is the only stuff that gets me to sleep and keeps me asleep. If you are pregnant and having trouble sleeping, do yourself a favor and buy this lotion!"

Why Over 41,000 Moms Love the Sleepy Lotion

Prevents Restless Legs & Cramps

Helps prevent painful leg cramps and restless leg syndrome (RLS).

Relieves Pain

Eases lower back, hip and ligament pain.

Calms Your Mind & Body

Relaxes your mind and body naturally for a deeper, more restful sleep.

Moisturizes Your Skin

Absorbs quickly and makes your skin as smooth as a baby's bottom.

100% Organic Ingredients

Made with only 6 organic ingredients, formulated to be safe for moms and babies 3 months and up.

Did you know that 78% of women suffer from insomnia during their pregnancy?

It's a familiar feeling for most pregnant moms.

Night after night, you toss and turn, not being able to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time.

You're exhausted, but you just can’t seem to fall or stay asleep!

Before you know it, the sun is up again and you're forced to go through the day feeling like a zombie..

You wish the baby would just come sooner!

You've tried doctor prescribed sleeping drugs, but they make you feel groggy, or even hungover the next morning.

Truth is, even though these sleeping drugs knock you out, you're not actually getting deep, restful sleep!


The #1 "Sleepy" Lotion
Made Specially For Moms
Made In USA

Loved By Over 41,000 Moms, Rated 4.8 Stars

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the lotion actually work?

    In a word, yes! The lotion was specially formulated to help pregnant moms with insomnia and pregnancy pains like restless legs, leg cramps, and lower back/ hip pain.

    Today, over 41,000 pregnant moms use the lotion to sleep better, and have rated it 4.8 stars!

  • How does the 60-day money back guarantee work?

    If you’re not 100% satisfied with the lotion for whatever reason, you can send the jar back to our address (below) and email me at with the tracking number and your order number. Once that’s done, you will get your refund within 24 hours!

    8 Sheep Organics
    22793 Arbor Pointe Dr
    South Bend IN 46628

  • Where is the lotion made?

    Every jar of lotion is handmade with love out of Indiana, USA!

  • What are the ingredients?

    We use only 6 all-natural ingredients in the lotion (no artificial chemicals or preservatives added): organic mango butter, organic coconut oil, magnesium chloride, organic beeswax (cruelty-free), organic plant-based essential oils, distilled water.

  • How does the lotion work?

    The active ingredients in the sleepy lotion that help you sleep better are the pure magnesium chloride brine and plant-based essential oils.

    The essential oils we use help to reduce anxiety and calm your mind before bed. They also ease your body to sleep by calming your nervous system (lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, and increasing the amount of slow/ deep brain waves for a more restorative sleep).

    The transdermal magnesium in the lotion helps you sleep by preventing painful leg cramps and restless legs (which actually causes broken sleep without most moms noticing). It also helps you get comfortable by reducing any lower back/ hip aches. Magnesium also increases GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid), a neurotransmitter in your brain that helps to turn off your “fight or flight” response, making you calmer, more relaxed and ready for bed.

  • How do you use the lotion?

    I personally apply 2-3 tsps of sleepy lotion onto my feet, calves and shoulders after a warm evening shower. That seems to work best for most moms too!

  • How long does it take to ship?

    It will take us 1 day to make the lotion (every jar of lotion is made fresh only after an order is received) and another 5-7 working days to arrive.

    A USPS tracking code will be provided once your parcel has been shipped out!

  • Is the lotion only for pregnant women?

    Not at all!

    While the lotion was specially made for pregnant moms, it does work for everyone and is safe to use for babies 3 months and up!


Here's what 41,000+ moms are saying about our Organic Sleepy Lotion!

Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 1,207 Reviews
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United States United States
Must buy

Throughout my second pregnancy, I've had alot of trouble sleeping due to back pain and crampy legs. I bought some of this Sleepy Body Lotion and for my third trimester, I have had a much easier time getting to sleep. My legs and back start to relax after the lotion is absorbed and I start to feel an ease to sleep. I would say this is a must buy.

United States United States
LOVE this product

I ordered this product for my daughter who is pregnant and having trouble sleeping. She was raving about it so I ordered one for myself. I am 53, menopausal and have trouble relaxing at night. Not only has this helped me sleep, it helps with my restless legs and it has done something I didn't expect! I had a knot in the side of my neck for over a year. It was so big, the doctor ordered and ultrasounds to ensure it wasn't something else. This know is now gone! I cannot tell you how happy I am with this delightful cream! Thank you!

Leigh M.
United States United States
Miracle cream

This product not only helped with sleep but made my painful Braxton Hicks contractions much more manageable. They always seemed to strike at night and this has made such a difference!

Alyssa E.
United States United States

I was skeptical when I purchased this product, but I was desperate. I did not truly expect to have outstanding results, let alone nearly immediate results...but I did! I was suffering from poor and interrupted sleep, horrible restless legs, and terrible muscle aches. The first night that I used the 8 Sheep lotion, I noticed a huge difference with the muscle aches and restless legs. I did not have aching legs immediately upon waking up, which had become the norm. I still occasionally have muscle cramps overnight, but I believe those only happen when I do not drink enough through the day. My restless legs have pretty much entirely subsided (which is better than pre-pregnancy!) and I still don't have the muscle aches that I was experiencing despite being 34, nearly 35, weeks pregnant. I am truly impressed, and I know it is not a placebo affect as I was so skeptical. But, this product really worked for me!

Cindy L.
United States United States
Just buy it, give it a try!

I’ve always been cautious when buying lavender scented products, some smell like chemicals. THIS! This was pure fresh lavender, so sweet and calming. I’m usually a light sleeper and wake up a lot, especially during these last 7 months I’ve been pregnant. Wow! This stuff has kept me asleep and helped with pain in my neck and shoulders. I have pain in my lower back and pelvic area and this has helped with that too. Super happy with this product and will definitely come back for more!:)