Looking for creative and fun ways to announce your pregnancy to friends and family?

One of the best parts of being pregnant is sharing your news with loved ones and seeing their thrilled (and shocked!) reactions.

At 8 Sheep Organics, we’ve created a list of unique ideas to get you inspired. In this article, we’ll recommend our top 9 creative ways to announce your pregnancy.

When Should You Announce Your Pregnancy?

This decision is completely up to you and your partner! There is no right or wrong way to announce your pregnancy, so it should be on your own terms.

Many women choose to wait until the end of the first trimester (12 weeks into their pregnancy) before announcing their pregnancy. But the news can be so exciting, you might not want to wait that long!

Whatever the reason may be, there should be no pressure, so choose when to announce your pregnancy at your own pace!

Who Should You Tell First?

Realizing that you’re pregnant might just be the most indescribable and life-changing moment in your life. But before you rush to announce your pregnancy to the world, it may make sense to tell those closest to you first.

Tell Your Partner First

We think your partner should know about your pregnancy before anyone else. It makes sense to let them know first if you didn’t already find out together.

Tell Your Close Loved Ones

Next, tell those closest to you. Your parents, immediate family and trusted friends should come first before making a general announcement. If you announce on social media before they are told, it could lead to hurt feelings.

Sensitive To Friends With Infertility Issues

One of the best things we can do is to talk to our friends who are struggling with infertility and ask them to provide guidance on how they’d like to receive the news when the time comes. Simply saying “We’re trying to get pregnant and I’d like to share the news with you – but I want to be sure to do it in a way you’re comfortable with” or “If you think you’d need space while I’m expecting – we can navigate this together because I love you and support you no matter what.”

A little thoughtfulness goes a long way and in the end, we won’t know what they’re going through or thinking unless we ask gently.

Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Partner

A Boxed Surprise

Putting your positive pregnancy test in a box as a gift can be an easy and quick way to tell your partner the news. Other ideas can range from customized onesies, a baby toy, baby goodies, or anything baby-related.

You can coordinate a ‘baby’ box with subtle hints like baby products, like our Junior's Bedtime Lotion, bath bombs, or even scented candles.

Papa Pizza

You can never go wrong with food! Spelling it out on pizza for them to open can be a fun and delicious way to spread the news!

Have fun decorating with toppings, but it doesn’t have to be just pizza, either. Other ideas could include cupcakes, cake, chocolate, donuts, whatever you and your partner enjoy!

Include Their Hobbies

Perhaps your partner is really into weightlifting, a sport, cooking, painting, or some activity. Finding a way to connect the announcement to your partner’s hobby can be a fun way to announce your pregnancy as well!

What Are Ways To Announce to Your Family and Friends?

After your partner is in on the surprise, you can decide when you think it is best to let your friends and family know. Telling your parents they will be “upgraded” to grandparents is a special step in the process.

Handwritten Notes, Stationary, or Cards

However fancy you want to get is entirely up to you! Giving a card to your family member or friend to open can be a sweet and intimate way to let them find out. You’ll have fun seeing the shock and excitement when they read it!


Getting a fun shirt with your pregnancy announcement on it can be a fun and lasting gift they can wear, especially after your baby is born! Not only will they find out about your pregnancy, but they will also get a thoughtful piece of clothing to keep and remember the special moment.

Announcing Your Due Date

Want something simple and more lowkey? Consider getting a card, flowers, or baby-related item with only the caption of your due date. It can be fun to watch your parents, siblings, or friends try to figure it out.

Ways to Announce Through Social Media

Now that your partner and your trusted friends and family know the news, there are endless possibilities to tell your acquaintances through social media.

Let Your Children Join In on the Fun

Get creative with your children by having them hold signs about the announcement, or even have them hold an image of your sonogram. This may also be the perfect time to share the news with them and capture their initial reactions.

Nothing Better Than Baby Shoes

There’s honestly nothing cuter than baby shoes. A practical yet adorable way to announce your pregnancy can be holding a pair of baby shoes for your future little one! Have fun exploring candid photos of one of you holding them or making it a themed picture, especially if your baby’s due date is near a holiday.

Customize A Onesie

One of the most effective ways to get someone to stop scrolling is to take a picture of a onesie. You can get a fancy embroidered with the due date or simply put “BABY.” If you wait to announce your pregnancy later on, you can pair it in your baby’s future nursery or themed toys.

What Are Other Pregnancy Announcement Ideas?

The options are endless! If you’re still struggling with other ideas on ways to announce your pregnancy, here are a few more ideas:

  • Consider adding your pet for a fun picture with your sonogram or chalkboard. This can be a cute way to make everyone take a second look at your feed.
  • Get creative with your sonogram! They are a great way to immediately tell someone without having to say anything.
  • Add random baby toys or pacifiers around your house or your parent’s house for them to find.
  • Have fun with slogans like “bun in the oven” and maybe even bake actual buns to go along with the announcement!
  • Take advantage of holidays to add another cute and festive element to your pregnancy announcement.

In Conclusion

You deserve to announce your pregnancy in any way you feel most comfortable and excited about. If you’re a new and expecting mom, you might be feeling overwhelmed with all the changes that are happening in your life. That is so normal and expected!

Just take it one day at a time and know that you have a whole support system there that is so excited to find out about your pregnancy!

At 8 Sheep Organics, we are here to help you, whether that means providing inspiration for your pregnancy announcement, helping you achieve better sleep with our sleepy body lotion, or tips that will help you enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Just remember, whenever you want to tell people about your pregnancy, you do so on your own terms. Happy announcing!


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