Where do you ship from?
Our products are made and shipped out of Indiana, USA.

How long will it take to receive my order?
After we receive your order, it takes one day for us to make your products, and another 5-7 working days for USPS to get it to you. You will receive a USPS tracking number once your order has been shipped out.

Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, we only ship within the USA at the moment. Our products are made fresh, and we want to get them in the hands of our customers within 5-7 days.

What is 8 Sheep Organic’s 100-Day Happiness Guarantee?
Every item we make comes with a 100-Day Happiness Guarantee.

If you are not absolutely thrilled with your purchase for any reason at all, simply send us an email at contact@8sheep.com with your order number and we will get you a full refund within a day.

There are no hidden terms and conditions here. Even if the item has been open and used up, we will still get you a refund. We truly want every mama to be happy with her purchase from 8 Sheep Organics!

Are your products allergen free?
Yes, our products are nut-free, soy-free, and plant-based. All of the products are also gluten-free except for our All-Purpose Healing Baby Balm, which does contain colloidal oatmeal as an ingredient.

Our products are also cruelty-free. We do not test any products on animals, and never will.

What is the shelf life of your products?
Our lotions and balms have a shelf life of around 3-4 months, while our skincare products like the Glow Body Oil, True Belly Serum, and Phyto-Retinol Serum will last for around 1 year.

How do I use the Junior’s Bedtime Lotion?
If you’re using the Junior’s Bedtime Lotion to help your little one sleep better, or to reduce temper tantrums / emotional meltdowns, simply apply 1-2 teaspoons of lotion onto their feet before bedtime every evening.

You should notice a calmer, happier, and more well-rested baby / toddler within 2-3 weeks of consistent use.

If you’re using the Junior’s Bedtime Lotion for growing pains, cramps, or restless legs instead, you can apply the lotion directly onto the areas where your baby or child is experiencing pain, cramping, or tension.

What age can I start using the Junior’s Bedtime Lotion?
The Junior’s Bedtime Lotion is good to use for babies 3 months and older, up to kids aged 10 years old.

For kids 11 years and older, I would recommend using our regular Sleepy Body Lotion instead!

What is the difference between the regular Sleepy Body Lotion, the Sleepy Lotion Senior 60+, and MenoCalm?
These lotions are very similar, and contain almost exactly the same ingredients.

The main difference is in the amount of magnesium per teaspoon of lotion, and the concentration of essential oils.

The Sleepy Lotion Senior 60+ contains around 15% more magnesium than the regular Sleepy Body Lotion due to lower absorption rates and magnesium retention rates for seniors.

Whereas the MenoCalm lotions contain roughly the same amount of magnesium as the Sleepy Body Lotion, but a higher concentration of lavender essential oils to help combat menopausal symptoms like anxiety and night-time wakings.

All 3 lotions are priced exactly the same though!

Will I be dependent on the Sleepy Lotion to sleep?
Nope, our lotions are completely natural and non-habit forming.

Unlike sleeping pills and even melatonin which becomes less and less effective over time, our lotions continue to be effective even when used daily over long periods of time.

That’s because our lotion does not rely on any supranormal levels of chemicals or hormones to “force” sleep. Instead, it simply restores our natural ability to fall and stay asleep by regulating GABA (a neurotransmitter in our brain that helps turn off our “fight or flight” response and promotes deeper, more restful sleep).