I first discovered the "miracle mineral" during my first pregnancy several years ago..

I was going through the most difficult period of my life. And what made it so tough was the lack of sleep!

Nothing seemed to work for my insomnia.

I tried all the things you're supposed to, sleeping drugs, no naps during the day, no screens 2 hours before bed, no coffee after 12pm etc. but I was still waking up throughout the night and struggling to fall back asleep.

One night, while browsing the internet at 4am in the morning (as usual), I came across an article talking about some "miracle mineral"

This "miracle mineral" had been lying 5,000-6,500 feet below sea level, undiscovered for over 250 million years. Only recently, with new refining technology and equipment, did we extract this "miracle mineral".

Nature's Gift for Pregnant Moms

Numerous studies suggest this "miracle mineral" could help:

  • Improve sleep quality for people suffering from insomnia
  • Ease muscle aches and tensions
  • Prevent leg cramps and restless legs (RLS)
  • Reduce anxiety and stress

It's almost as if this "miracle mineral" was made specially for pregnant moms!

I was skeptical but desperate for a solution and decided to try this "miracle mineral".

I did my research, digging through every website until I found a high quality source.

When the "miracle mineral" finally arrived, I mixed it in with warm water and simply soaked my feet in the mixture before bed.


I slept a good 6-7 hours every night, waking up only to pee. And even then, falling back to sleep quickly!

I did not suffer from a single leg cramp, and my restless legs were gone!

What exactly is this "miracle mineral"?

It is the purest form of magnesium brine available, extracted from the bottom of an ancient European sea known as the "Zechstein Sea".

Not All Magnesium Is Created Equal

Here's what's interesting.. 

I had actually tried magnesium pills and powders before. But they didn't help with my restless legs, and didn't improve my sleep..

I later learnt that not all magnesium was created equal.

Magnesium is one of the hardest minerals for our body to absorb, especially when taken orally (through magnesium pills and powders).  

The brine from the Zechstein seabed was totally different. It contains an extremely pure form of magnesium that can actually be absorbed transdermally (through the skin). This has been proven to be a much more effective way for the body to take in magnesium. 

The One Drawback of Using This "Miracle Mineral"

The only drawback with using the miracle mineral by itself was that it was very drying to the skin. 

I loved the benefits of using the miracle mineral. But after using it for a few days, the skin on my feet started peeling..

That’s why I decided to combine this "miracle mineral" with other organic ingredients to create something that would keep the same benefits, but also moisturize my skin! 

I spent months consulting with obgyns to tweak the formula of the lotion, and finally came up with a body lotion that was effective and safe for pregnant moms to use.

That same lotion is being used today by over 21,000 moms all over the US to sleep through the night and ease their pregnancy pains.

You can try it risk-free today with a 60-day money-back guarantee! 

Try our miracle mineral-infused lotion and say goodbye to pregnancy insomnia!