How Do You Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy?

The last thing you want to endure is sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy. While pregnant, you’ll deal with insomnia, stress, chemical imbalances, and much more. So, debilitating pain isn’t necessarily doing you any favors.

Whether you’ve experienced sciatica prior to your pregnancy or this is your first flare up, you’re seeking answers. You’re probably wondering what causes sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy, and maybe even whether sciatica can harm the baby. You probably also want to know how long it will last, along with any advice on how to relieve sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy.

Throughout the remainder of this article, we will answer all this and more. Let’s start with a textbook definition of what sciatica is, for those who aren’t as familiar.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a painful type of back pain that occurs when the sciatic nerve gets pinched or compressed. This is relatively common, and people live with it every day.

With sciatica, you’ll experience flare-ups where your nerve is more agitated than normal, and this can lead to severe pain that prevents you from even being able to walk.

It’s easy to differentiate sciatica from other types of back pain. Sciatic nerve pain leads to shooting pains down your hip, leg, and even into your foot, depending on the degree of your flare up.

What causes sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy?

The reason you may experience a sciatic nerve pain flareup during pregnancy may have to do with your expanding uterus.

As your baby grows, pressure gets placed on all the surrounding organs, joints, etc. Because the sciatic nerve pain runs down your spine, this makes sense.

You are most likely to experience sciatic nerve pain during the third trimester of your pregnancy, as your baby grows to its final size. This means it could get worse up until delivery.

Can sciatica in pregnancy harm the baby?

The good news is your baby is not at risk at all, despite your unbearable pain and discomfort. So while you feel like you are suffering, you certainly don’t have to stress about any maleffects to your child.

How long does sciatica pain last during pregnancy?

Once you develop your first sciatica flare up during pregnancy, it’s likely you’ll experience them throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.

After all, your belly is only going to get bigger. But, take comfort in the fact that pregnancy related sciatica almost always goes away after delivery. Once that pressure is relieved, your sciatic nerve will start recovering on its own.

How to relieve sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy

Even knowing sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy isn’t permanent, you’re still on the hunt for some fixes.

And, we have some great tips to relieve sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy. All of these are completely safe for you and your child, and many of them can be done from the comfort of your own home.


One of the best remedies for sciatica flare ups is stretching. There are a few different stretches you can practice to seek relief.

The first is a piriformis stretch - this muscle is located deep in your glutes. It is often the culprit for sciatic pain.

Another good muscle to stretch for sciatica is the hamstrings. These can often exacerbate sciatic nerve pain.

We also recommend stretching the hip flexors and glutes in general, as these muscles will tighten up as a result of sciatic pain, further causing discomfort.

Apply heat

If you have a heating pad, now is the time to use it! Warming up your spine, specifically where the pain is radiating from (the sciatic nerve) will help disperse inflammation in that area, and get blood flow to the injury site.

Another option is to take a warm bath, preferably with magnesium or epsom salts. This will have a similar effect, albeit less targeted than the heating pad.

Massage with 8 Sheep Organics Magnesium Lotion

If you have a partner, or can reach the muscles yourself, massage can be incredibly therapeutic for sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy.

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