Being pregnant naturally means that your body will go through a lot of changes. And your skin is no exception. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on taking care of anything beauty-related. It does mean, however, that you’d have to zero in on safe skincare for pregnant women. Checking ingredients is a must to keep the wellbeing of your baby in mind. There are some that need to be avoided, along with others that are safe alternatives. 

For dry skin

Avoid: Phthalates

This ingredient is sometimes used in a lot of moisturizers, and even beauty products. You may not see this exact ingredient in the bottles you buy. The trick is that it’s usually in the products that endorse fragrance. In order to prevent any unwanted reproductive conditions, try to stay away from fragrant products. Might as well, since you could also have a different reaction to strong scents. Phthalates are also contained in plastics, so it would be wise to avoid too much exposure to products with plastic packaging. 

Use Instead: Natural Moisturizers

There are many natural moisturizers to use as an alternative to the many chemically-ridden products. You can try coconut oil for the skin, which makes use of the wonders of coconuts to refresh your skin. In addition, there are lotions made for sensitive skin that provide a gentle rehydration for anyone who suffers from dry skin. Chamomile and aloe vera are also some natural ingredients that many ideal moisturizers have. Overall, these options are great for those who have sensitive skin when sick

For breakouts, pigmentation

Avoid: Salicylic acid 

A number of beauty products use salicylic acid to help alleviate any breakouts or pigmentation. But any product that has a high dose of this ingredient may be harmful for those who are expecting. It is safe in small amounts, however. Nevertheless, it’s always wise to consult your doctor before using any specific products. 

Use Instead: Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is an effective ingredient, and it is safe if taken in small doses. It’s a big help to those who want to brighten their face or minimize pigmentation. It even offers a bonus of reducing any fine lines. Alternatively, there are other skincare products that are specifically made for pregnant women who have acne. Our Acne Facial Bar has rose kaolin clay and tea tree oil—among many other ingredients—to help with any acne concerns. It doesn’t dry out the skin either, which is a huge plus. Its clean ingredients are also a big help to those who want to practice sustainability more. 

For anti-aging 

Avoid: Retinoids

Retinoids come in many different skincare products. It has the ability to reduce any existing wrinkles, and it boosts collagen production as well. But while this power-packed ingredient gives your skin a rejuvenated glow, it can have adverse effects if taken in high doses. It would be better to avoid this to protect your baby. The good news, though, is that there are many options to use as an alternative. 

Use Instead: Vitamins (a Variety)

Vitamins are a good way to help slow down the aging process. Having a variety of them will give a diverse set of positive effects on your skin. Vitamin C, for one, helps maintain the collagen in your skin. Meanwhile, Vitamin E and K serve as antioxidants that can boost the condition of your skin. And if you want your safe skincare to extend to other beauty products, you can always try vegan makeup. It contains many vitamins as it’s generally made of natural ingredients. It’s definitely a welcome change to your routine that can help nourish your skin the safest possible way. 

For sun protection

Avoid: Chemical-based

Sunscreens that are largely chemically-based can be hard to navigate through. There are just a lot of different ingredients that a regular person would not be too familiar with. It’s hard to see the possible consequences that consuming them would have. But of course, during a pregnancy, it’s always better to tread on the safe side. One particularly harmful ingredient to avoid in sunscreens is oxybenzone. It has been shown to be an endocrine disruptor, which means it can make your hormones unstable. 

Use Instead: Mineral-based 

It is best to go for more mineral-based sun protection products. Try to look for ones that have titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. When in doubt though, you can try other ways to cover up from the sun. Wearing a sun hat or even a pair of sunglasses could work. It might also be best to avoid too much sun exposure and stay inside instead. 

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your skin is important, but so is taking care of your baby. It can be stressful and taxing to try and remember everything you should or shouldn’t do—even outside skincare practices. You can always consult your doctor whenever you’re in need of advice on what products are safe. After all, both you and your baby deserve the best.