Is This The Worst Nightmare Of An Expecting Mother?


In 2016, Michelle Cottle was going through what appeared to be a healthy pregnancy with no sign that anything was wrong.


But all of a sudden, on week 37 her baby Orla was found stillborn.


After her traumatizing experience and collecting data on stillbirths...


...she realized that there are simple, practical pieces of advice that can help mothers feel more in control while also guaranteeing the well-being & safety of both babies & mothers.


So Michelle, whose daughter Esme was born a year later, says she wanted to help women & families who have gone through the same experience.


She used to write an award-winning blog "Dear Orla" and says:


"I really think it helps to empower people, as it feels like something you can go away and do with the hope of having a more healthy pregnancy and a better outcome than sadly lots of people do have.


I look back now and I actually feel quite traumatised by my (second) pregnancy because it was a bit like living your worst nightmare every single day.


Every time there's maybe a quiet moment and you don't know whether your baby is alive or not is absolutely terrifying.


Night-time is the worst as well because a lot of people would say they believe that their baby died maybe when they were sleeping. I think that's really scary because you have to sleep.


So I think having clear things that can help you feel a bit more in control is really important for women."


Stillbirths Can Be More Common Than You Think...


Momma, did you know that around 1% of pregnancies result in stillbirth?


Luckily, you or any expecting woman can do something about it, starting today – and it involves a lot of sleeping!


This video outlines the safest sleeping positions and postures in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, I hope you like it:


Wishing you and your family the best,


With much love, Emma


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