Now that you know you or a loved one is expecting, you are likely wondering what the top pregnancy must haves are!

This is an exciting time, but it will no doubt be stressful and even demoralizing at times. You may already be aware of all the difficulties you’ll face over the next 9 months, but if you aren’t you will be soon.

From struggling to sleep, to constantly running to the toilet from morning sickness, there are all kinds of issues pregnant women deal with. 

That’s why for our list of pregnancy must haves, we are focusing not so much on trinkets and emotional products. 

We are focusing on products that will make you feel better and prevent you from being miserable during your 9 months.

Since the most common issue women deal with is sleep, we want to start with a few products specifically designed to help pregnant women get a good night's rest, and feel better. 

Then, we’ll cover the best products for hip pains, restless legs, and leg cramps!

Top pregnancy must haves for sleep

Sleeplessness is easily the most common ailment pregnant women deal with. From changes in your hormones to the actual shape and size of your belly, to restless leg syndrome and frequent urination, there are all kinds of reasons your sleep quality and quantity will both decrease.

Fortunately, there are plenty of products to help you or that special woman in your life get better sleep while pregnant. Let’s start with our favorite.

8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Body Lotion

The 8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Body Lotion is a natural magnesium body lotion that helps women who suffer from “momsomnia”. 

If you struggle to sleep, whether it be from leg cramps, frequent urination, inability to get comfortable, or any other pregnancy related ailment, you need this lotion!

It’s made from completely organic ingredients, with only 6 components. All of these are completely safe for you and your baby.

Many sleeping products will knock you out, but they don’t help you get to the state of sleep where you actually heal and rest. 8 Sheep Organics sleepy body lotion calms both your body and your mind, preparing you for a night of deep, restful sleep

It also works wonders on pregnant women who have back, hip, and/or ligament pain. Carrying around the extra weight, coupled with the hormone relaxin, will wreak havoc on your joints and ligaments. By massaging this lotion into painful areas, you will feel relief quickly!

8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Body Lotion also prevents leg cramps and RLS (restless leg syndrome), a common ailment you experience during pregnancy. 

It does all of this while moisturizing your skin, leaving you feeling smooth and healthy. Try yours today risk-free for 60 days!

8 Sheep Organics Scented Trio Gift Set

You’ll notice that there are three different versions of the Sleepy Body Lotion - Lavender, Bergamot, and Ylang Ylang. 

All three of these are great, and you might be struggling to choose between one or the other. The good news is, you don’t have to!

The Scented Trio Gift Set includes a 4oz. bottle of each of the three lotions, so you can try them all and decide which one is your favorite! All three of these essential oils do specific things for you:

  • Lavender: calms the nervous system and helps your body naturally transition to sleep, while easing an anxious mind and tense body.
  • Bergamot: Reduces pain and inflammation while calming your mind and body, and reducing anxiety and fatigue.
  • Ylang Ylang: Minimizes stress and works great for those who feel fatigued or tired. This scent will put you in a better mood!

Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

Part of what makes falling asleep while pregnant so difficult is getting into a comfortable position.

This becomes more and more difficult in the second trimester and especially the third trimester, as your bellow grows and pressure is applies to the organs and your hips.

By using the Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow, you can get in the most comfy position possible, as the wraparound design caresses your knees and belly. 

It’s machine washable, and was developed by a nurse who was pregnant, and knew the ideal sleeping position for women who were expecting. There are tons of pregnancy pillows out there, but we endorse this one!

8 Sheep Organics Unwind Pillow Mist

Another great product to help you achieve a night of recharging sleep is the “Unwind” Pillow Mist. It is a concoction of essential oils including Lavender, Bergamot, Chamomile, and Vanilla. 

These essential oils help calm an anxious mind and tense body, lifting stress away as you breathe it in.

Specifically, lavender and bergamot work in tandem to relax you into a deep state of sleepiness, while chamomile reduces any tension or stress in your body. The added vanilla puts your mind at ease, so you don’t lay awake in your thoughts all night.

You can spray it on your pillow before bed, and as soon as you lay your head down to sleep, you will pass out! Plus, it smells great! You can try this with a 60 day risk free as well.

8 Sheep Organics Bedtime Tea

For all the tea lovers out there, this Organic Bedtime Tea is a perfect addition to your nighttime routine.

It is a natural, relaxing chamomile tea is blended with lemon peel and formulated specifically for pregnant women who struggle with sleep. 

It not only promotes deeper sleep, it also helps with morning sickness and nausea! Plus, the tea works wonders on indigestion and constipation, ailments expecting women knew all too well.

Brewing this tea is super simple. All you do is steep 1 teaspoon of this mix with 8 ounces of hot water, and wait 3-4 minutes. Then, enjoy, and feel yourself drift into a state of total relaxation!

8 Sheep Organics Sweet Slumber Gift Set

We know what you’re saying - it seems like all of these are pregnancy must haves! You’re right, all three of these pregnancy products should be a staple in your arsenal.

That is why we developed the Sweet Slumber Gift Set. It includes:

  • 8 oz. Organic Sleepy Body Lotion (Lavender)
  • 4 oz. Organic “Unwind” Pillow Mist
  • 2 oz. Organic Bedtime Tea (12 cups)

Whether you are a pregnant woman yourself or you just want to spoil someone special, this bundle of goodies is exactly what you are looking for.

You can see for yourself what all the hype about these products are, and why moms all over the country keep coming back for more even after birth!

If you have been struggling to sleep, this trio will kick your insomnia to the curb quickly. And if you order yours today, we can get it shipped to your doorstep within 5-7 days!

Top pregnancy must haves for hip pain

You’ll also likely experience hip pain throughout pregnancy, caused by changes in your body size/shape, along with hormones such as relaxin.

This hormone causes the ligaments around your pelvis to relax, as the name suggests, which causes a painful tilt in the hips. Luckily, we have some products that can help you with this.

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow is a great way to alleviate hip pain during pregnancy. Simply insert it between your legs, and it will relieve the pressure on your hips, knees, and back!

It can also be used as bump support, particularly during the third and final trimester when your belly has grown substantially. 

This is similar to the pregnancy pillow we mentioned above, but the way you use these two pillows is different. 

The Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow is great for sleeping with, and this one is too. But, this one is more commonly used for lounging, and has more versatile uses. You can use this to prop your back up, and help prevent acid reflux while lounging in bed. 

Blanqi Maternity Belly Band

The Blanqi Maternity Belly Band is a great way to improve your posture during pregnancy, and provide tons of support to your back and core, taking pressure off your hips.

It provides support to decrease SI joint pain, which is a common occurrence due to the excess presence of Relaxin. Furthermore, it provides compression to your bump and your uterus, making physical movement less painful, as everything is kept tight.

They also act as a physical cue to stand up straight and keep your core tight, further decreasing pain! Many women continue wearing their belly band even after pregnancy, to help with postpartum pain and weakness.

You can wear your belly band throughout the day, either under your clothes or over, as they are super chic and fashionable.

Top pregnancy must haves for restless legs and cramps

Restless leg syndrome during pregnancy is another common issue you may experience. On top of just being painful and uncomfortable, it usually strikes at night when you try and fall asleep, further cutting into your sleep schedule.

Our Organic sleepy body lotion does wonders for RLS, and is likely all you need. However, there is a product we know of that can supplement your battle against restless legs!

Floradix® Iron + Herbs

This Floradix Iron supplement provides a healthy dose of iron and B-vitamins, along with a proprietary blend of healthy, essential herbs to further combat cramps and RLS.

It’s super easily absorbed, unlike traditional iron supplements that can cause bowel discomfort. Each serving is 20 mL, which is perfect for women of childbearing age. 

It’s completely safe to take during pregnancy, and it’s free of alcohol, artificial additives, synthetic preservatives, and lactose.

If you’re tired of the painful symptoms of RLS impacting your everyday life, and taking away your much needed sleep, this is the supplement for you.

Nature Made Potassium Gluconate

Another essential nutrient for combatting leg cramps and RLS is potassium. Sure, you could eat a few bananas everyday if you want. Or, you can try Nature Made Potassium Gluconate.

This reputable potassium supplement decreases muscle spasms and cramps, and helps promote healthy heart function among other things. 

Potassium is known for supporting healthy nerve function, which is how it helps with leg cramps. If you are pregnant, your potassium needs are through the roof, and this supplement is a must have for your pregnancy.